Please support the Education Support Forum (TEDSF) an NPO (Registration Number: 186-593 NPO) that helps under-priviledged learners with educational resources. Help a learner buy shoes, stationery or simply go on a school trip.

The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) seeks to contribute in the reformation of education from industrial age mechanisms to 21st Century learning. We will achieve this by equipping learners with information and tools to improve general problem solving, decision making and academic performance through:

  1. Providing education intervention R&D, advisory and implementation services.
  2. Lobbying with stakeholders for equality in education.
  3. Providing curriculum-aligned training content material for learners and teachers which is compatible with major digital assistive technologies.
  4. Providing easily accessible 24-7 online educational courses and support platform.
  5. Stimulating and reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviours towards education.