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YALI RLC Southern Africa to host youth indaba on Innovative Leadership in Africa

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Technology is changing the world as we know it. Now more than ever, Africa needs leaders who can take the continent forward in its quest to be a valuable meber of the globalised value chain. Africa needs to take its place in the global village, not as a receiver of aid but a formidable producer of value-added goods.

It is a time when African leaders ought to saddle up and negotiate trade deals that benfit the general African populace and steer away from myopic, self-serving bad deals. The young people of Africa will not stand and quietly watch as the continent is mortgaged to the highest bidder at the expense of basic liberties and freedoms.

Many a youth formations across the continent are self-organising to capacitate one another in their quest to actively participate in the rejuvenation of the mother continent.

The Business Development Agency (BDA) in partnership with YALI RLC Southern Africa will be hosting the Innovative Responses to Contemporary Leadership Challenges in Africa event where 100 young African leaders representing 14 countries have been invited to engage in an assortment of discussions and solution design sessions.

Innovative Responses to Contemporary Leadership Challenges in Africa


Day 1 will be focused on Achieving Socio-Economic Cooperation & Integration

Day 2 will be focused on Doing Business In Southern Africa.

Should you have any urgent inquiries please make certain that you connect to Pearl Maphumulo on or Harry Ntombela on


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