Why are schools not teaching this in 2019?


Schools are still in the industrial age whilst the world has moved on. We need to rethink schooling if we are to produce meaningful graduates. “We surely need to drum this, especially in frica. Our governments should rise up to the occasion. #TheAfricaWeWant”, said Sally Kim an EdTech Consultant and Distributor for Robobloq STEM.

Sally Kim Edtech Consultant
Sally Kim Edtech Consultant

Innovation and ingenuity are not necessarily taught but are stumbled upon whilst doing. Obviously, with some guidance, the play can be meaningful and innovation can be more deliberate.

Why are schools not teaching these basic truths? Why do we still have to take our children through the drudgery of an acake system that is not fully serving the people its meant to uplift?

Let us all demand a complete system overhaul in order to truly empower learners to be relevant in the world they are living in.

Take a stand and be part of the change in the education of our young ones.