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URGENT: Watch the Société Générale Video and African Girls Coding Initiative will be Funded

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girls coding initiative

Ever wondered how you could jumpstart you philanthropic journey?  I bet you imagined yourself first amassing lots of wealth to enable to you to participate in the initiatives that you really love.

Let me tell you something, you don’t need to be a billionaire to do good in this world.

Société Générale, has pledged support for the DIV:A Initiative 

The DIV:A Initiative is a non-profit initiative dedicated to empowering young girls with coding skills, in order to protect their futures and address the industry’s gender imbalance.

To get the funding they need from Société Générale, DIV:A Initiative  has to promote the video below until it has at least 500 000 views. So please watch the whole 1 minute video and contribute to the development of girls coding in Africa.

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