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Tounche Calls for 12-Hour Prayer Marathon Amidst Global Pandemic

Date: Saturday 11 April 2020

Theme: The More Beautiful World We Know Is Possible

Event: Online Oecumenical 12 Hours Prayer Marathon

Venue: Zoom, Instagram Live, Facebook Live

NB: The time information will be sent on Thursday 9 April (so we can accommodate the different time zones)

We are living through crucial times for humanity as some unprecedented measures are reshaping our lives daily. The energy of fear is fed continuously in the psyche of people through media creating an energy of angst and helplessness. The world post coronavirus pandemic could end up 2 ways: one very dark or one light-filled.

To ensure we manifest THE MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD WE KNOW IS POSSIBLE, we are organizing an extraordinary Tounché Global Consciousness Summit in the form of an online 12 hours prayer marathon (Zoom, Instagram Live and Facebook Live).

We are harnessing the power of WORDS and SOUNDS to intentionally focus our imaginations and energies towards all the existing beauty and the beauty we want to see in the new world that is emerging.

Every 30min, a consciousness leader will host a segment with a specific theme that we want to manifest in the world. Each segment will include a short talk or poetry or spoken words (15min-20min) on the theme followed by a prayer. There will be sound healing throughout the marathon.

24 people coming from all corners of the world (Africa, Middle-East, America, Europe, Asia) representing all faiths (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism) will gather to celebrate our unity in diversity.


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