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Thembi Ngoma on African education – African Youth Development Summit 2018

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thembi ngoma

Good day everyone and welcome to the Human Development Zone brought to you by the Education Support Forum.

We are broadcasting live from the African youth development summit that is being held in Johannesburg South Africa and with me is a young lady called Thembi Ngoma. How are you Thembi? I’m great thank you Edzai, how are you? I’m well thank you very much I know it’s a busy day but you have spared some time just to share with with me and my listeners what you doing in the education space so who is Thembi and what are you all about.

So, Thembi is a young lady who is very passionate about education. I am in the education space that I am Montessori directress, I actually specialise 3 to 6 years old but I took it upon myself to be with the toddlers which are 18 months to 3 because I found that there was a gap in that age group people don’t take that age group seriously they always feel like there should be playing but this is a very fundamental stage of development and we need to give them all the tools that they need to acquire the knowledge they need, wow that’s interesting I mean you bring up something interesting because I was reading is a Blog, I think it is a research group that’s called 0 to 3 and they’re saying that If you miss it between 0 to 3 years the foundation is that true?

With the experience, I’ve had it is true because we’re missing a link. So the foundation is what is important and if that is lacking will end up having problems in primary school, high school and then a chance it into having adult that I had and stable.

Wow, and off late there’s been a big drive from the South African government and other governments in Africa as well on ECD because I remember a few years back they were just focusing on matric FET phase when they look at grade 10 to 12 it was short term to say how are the matric results gonna look like so have you seen any changes in structural changes within the system with ECD or its just talk?

Ok having a Montessori background I really vouched that if parents could they need to look into the system because what makes it so different from the traditional way of learning is the material. Having a visual material that you work with tangible experience you know where is when we come from traditional environments whereby they just draw a square on the board and then you supposed to imagine it being a cube as opposed to actually working with a cube.

Already you can see the difference you’ve got the Experiential Learning if I may say yes that’s correct ok so what’s the name of your organisation and where in the lifespan of the organisation are you that the beginning phase or have you been around for long?

So the name of my organisation is called the Young African Educators Network it is in the beginning phase and what I’m trying to create what I’m creating with this network is that for all educators to meet there is a missing link like I said before if all educators could meet up and communicate the issues that were facing in the education sector and come together for tangible solutions to these problems you know before we even take it to the government and say they should change the curriculum it has to start with us and how can we put the things that are so important to be part of the curriculum without it being officially part of the curriculum here so I mean I’m just reading my tea now let’s assume you’ve got your network Your forum now you’ve got the pictures from the public system Montessori Singapore whatever all these are the systems that are out there. Will you guys be able to find Common Ground?

You never know until we all come together and we need to start from where we are and where we are now home is Africa how is education being done in Africa how is education be done in do you know what is happening too late they in Zambia in terms of education or Zimbabwe There is definitely something we can all come up with to make education education space you know a good memory.

So how do you intend to grow this initiative of your such that you can reach as many kids in Africa as possible we have to do workshops we going to different schools and already give what is not in on the curriculum for instance teaching learners about floating because the people you expect to choose you know the leaders that are going to be in or in place to make all these decisions but they have no idea as to what voting is as long as the guy sounds cool then that’s great and you know there’s so many aspects to it as well as how to buy your first house how to buy your first car you know how do you go about that text those things are not part of the curriculum so if we had to go into schools and educate you know students on these things that would make a difference as well as career guidance because they might sound cool to be a doctor but then if you don’t like to do with love and how you going to be adopted so it’s important to have that first hand experience and learn from people who are in those heels that’s why it’s important because I remember when I went to Varsity the first three weeks I changed my program I think three times cuz I wasn’t sure cuz no one it’s really guided me I was just going there for academic purposes but without any now so that I found out the hard way so if people wanna get hold of you and they want to support your idea how do they get hold of you.

You can get a hold of me using my email which is kimthem at as well as on my business number is 084 362 6535.

Right no thanks a lot and this has been amazing and I hope that yeah you going to enjoy the rest of the summit and learn as much as possible and network is much as possible thank you very much thank you so much for the sense of you have a good day.

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