Human Capital Development



 The Education Support Forum (TEDSF)  is a leading pan-African research and implementation organization committed to improving employability and entrepreneurship in Africa through robust research, sustainable interventions and effective partnerships.

The Forum was created in 2016 in South Africa and Zimbabwe ans is expanding its influence into all African countries.

Recognizing the strategic importance of financial inclusion via sustainable employment and entrepreneurship  for Africa, it was necessary that TEDSF be formed to bridge the knowledge and skills gaps between what is needed by industry and what is being taught in academic institutions.

Its mission is to contribute to poverty alleviation through improving employability and entrepreneurship in Africa, through research, development, sustainable interventions and partnership activities.

The modus operandi of the Forum is partnership for impact at all levels. Its research and development activities are conducted in collaboration with various stakeholders—primarily the technology OEMs, academic institutions, advanced research institutions, non-governmental organizations, and donors—for the benefit of African youths.

TEDSF headquarters is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Staff are located in South Africa and also in TEDSF Research Station in Zimbabwe.