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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Nedbank launches API Marketplace for developer empowerment

Nedbanks’ API_Marketplace is the first in Africa to provide a variety of APIs that meet the technical standards for Open Banking. Nedbank’s digital transformation, backed...

What Is The Africa Netpreneur Prize?

The Africa Netpreneur Prize Initiative is Jack Ma’s flagship entrepreneur program in Africa led by the Jack Ma Foundation. Looking for Heroes Our mission is to...

Shavani Naidoo – Creating An Enterprise Roadmap to Data Science

Shavani Naidoo, a Senior Expert in Data Science at Primedia in South Africa will be taking part in this year's Women in Tech conference...

Who is the tutor in your home?

Extra classes and private tutoring are now billion-dollar industries worldwide. The emergence of this secondary market in the education space has been nothing less...

Andrea Holmes Thompkins recognised in Africa

Andrea Holmes Thompkins, a 35-year veteran broadcast media sales and marketing executive has been honoured by the BOAF organisation in South Africa.  She is...

IBM Digital Nation Africa

IBM is on a mission to empower Africans with digital skills and tools to help improve their day to day life and allow them...