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As a mover and shaker in your sphere of influence, it is worthwhile to let the world know what you are doing. The more people know about your efforts to make this a better world, the more they gey inspired to do the same. The theme for the 2019 YALI Annual Conference is centred around youth collaboration and participation in governance and leadership roles.

Given that background, we would like to showcase all the thoughts of the delegates to #YALIAnnualConference2019. As part of the media we at TEDSF are dedicating ourselves to reporting the stuff that mainstream media does not. We disseminate our stories to various outlets who in-turn syndicate them in their networks. We have worked with the African Union Commission, APRM, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AUDA-NEPAD, Tutu Fellowship, WOrld Bank, UNICEF and other leading development organisations.

Please answer the following questions as part of your submission.

  1. What challenge are you tackling to make the world a better place?
  2. Is your initiative Pan-African?
  3. What inspired you to focus on the challenge you are solving?
  4. What is hampering youth collaboration across the African continent?
  5. Why are African youth not participating in governance and leadership roles in their countries?
  6. What do you regard as your two most important leadership responsibilities currently ?
  7. Describe your most rewarding experience in Leadership.
  8. Describe your most difficult experience as a Leader, and what you learnt from that experience.
  9. What was the biggest takeaway from the 2019 YALI Annual Conference?


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