The History Ministerial Task Team has recommended that History be made compulsory from 2023 as a subject from grade 10 to 12.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has re-appointed the Task Team to overhaul the History Curriculum. The task team has until 2020 to complete its work.

The minister appointed the team three years ago to investigate the feasibility of re-working on the content and checking the possibility of making History a compulsory subject from Grade 4 to Grade 12.

Department of Basic Education’s spokesperson Elijah Mahlangu says, “The true South African story has not been told up until now. It’s always been the view of the coloniser, those that were in power, and those that implemented apartheid. They insisted on telling the story from their own point of view,  some of our African heroes and some of the events that took place that have led up to where we are today, are not told in the text books.

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