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Shavani Naidoo – Creating An Enterprise Roadmap to Data Science

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Shavani Naidoo, a Senior Expert in Data Science at Primedia in South Africa will be taking part in this year’s Women in Tech conference to be held in Cape Town.

Women in Technology Africa 2019, taking place in Cape Town, is part of the world’s biggest Women in Tech conference series. This groundbreaking conference enables people and organisations to connect, learn and take action on gender diversity and inclusion in the world’s fastest growing industry.

Through inspirational keynotes, deep insight into tech trends and business strategy, technical classes, and career development workshops, this conference provides all the content and networking opportunities needed to flourish in the tech sector.

The African continent is one of the highest growth geographies in the world and boasts a booming tech sector, a viable market, rich with entrepreneurship and innovation. Tech is shaping the future, and enabling Africa to leapfrog development challenges; be part of the community, join us making an impact on the gender gap and supercharge your career at Women in Technology Africa 2019.

Shavani Naidoo’s session entitled, ‘Creating An Enterprise Roadmap to Data Science’ is scheduled to start at  12:10 PM on the 18th of March 2019 as part of The Future of Africa is Tech series.

Her session will focus on how businesses that choose to improve their algorithmic and data science capabilities will find more success in 2019. In light of the trend towards augmented analytics that automates tasks using machine learning or other data science techniques that extract greater insight, this session will define how to move beyond performing pockets of analytics.

Expected key takeaways from this session include:

  • Learning how to embed data science capabilities across your enterprise as a core part of your day-to-day business.
  • Identifying how these data points can be used to enable a raft of innovation.
  • Clarity on the steps to securely gather, store and access high-quality data.
  • Gaining a clear understanding of how to deliver maximum ROI through data strategy and modelling.
  • Identifying how to grow, motivate and retain the right data science-related talent.

To book for this event, visit the Women in Tech page.

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