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What is the purpose of using Next statement in R language?
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A next statement is useful when we want to skip the current iteration of a loop without terminating it. On encountering next, the R parser skips further evaluation and starts next iteration of the loop.

The syntax of next statement is:

if (test_condition) {

Note: the next statement can also be used inside the  else branch of if...else statement.

Next statement

x <- 1:5
for (val in x) {
if (val == 3){


[1] 1
[1] 2
[1] 4
[1] 5

In the above example, we use the next statement inside a condition to check if the value is equal to 3.

If the value is equal to 3, the current evaluation stops (value is not printed) but the loop continues with the next iteration.

The output reflects this situation.

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