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Closes 20 Jan 2020 - Should The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) approve Eskom's application for 17% tariff increase in 2020? 

Do you support Eskom's application to recover R27bn in losses through a tariff hike?

The National Energy Regulator (NERSA) has asked for public comment and will then assess Eskom’s application following due regulatory processes. Mass public participation is essential to influence NERSA’s decision (closes 20 Jan 2020). 

As an extra measure, Energy Expert Ted Blom will present the public participation, along with his argument against the tariffs, at official hearings in all nine provinces (a timetable will be emailed to all participants).

Eskom’s RCA application for 2018/19 financial year – requesting a total of R27.323 billion – which will result in an additional 12 to 17% tariff hike.

To take part in this exercise and play your part as an active citizen, sign the petition on https://eeco.co.za/eskoms-2018-19-rca-application/



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