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What do physicists mean by the term "free fall"?
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Is a term which is given or referred to an object falling and only weights acts on that particular objects towards the center of the earth.
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Freefall is a special case of motion with constant acceleration, because acceleration due to gravity is always constant and downward. This is true even when an object is thrown upward or has zero velocity.

For example, when a ball is thrown up in the air, the ball's velocity is initially upward. Since gravity pulls the object toward the earth with a constant acceleration g, the magnitude of velocity decreases as the ball approaches maximum height.

At the highest point in its trajectory, the ball has zero velocity, and the magnitude of velocity increases again as the ball falls back toward the earth (see figure 1).

People mistakenly think the final velocity for a falling object is zero because objects stop once they hit the ground. In physics problems, the final velocity is the speed just before touching the ground. Once it touches the ground, the object is no longer in freefall.

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Free fall is when the motion of a body where only gravity is the only acceleration acting on it
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Free fall is when the only force working on an object is the gravitational force.
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