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Can you outline the campaign timeline?
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Step 1: Identify your marketing objectives

These are awareness, consideration, and/or action (e.g. purchase, sign-up, subscribe, etc.).

Step 2: Identify your KPIs

Choose the KPIs that measure your campaign's impact on your marketing objectives. 

Step 3: Determine your Google solution

Views, search lift, brand awareness, conversions — no matter where your customers are in the marketing funnel, there’s an effective Google solution to drive your business goals. 

Step 4: Create an Google Ads account and/or reserve inventory

  • Auction campaigns: Create or open your Google Ads account and set up billing.


  • Reserve media: Work with Google to reserve your inventory, pass along the purchase order number, and send invoice.

Step 5: Set up your campaign

  • Auction campaigns: Run through the campaign set-up process in Google Ads. This is where you’ll select your ad type, targeting, bid strategy, set your daily budget, etc.


  • Reserve media: Google will set up your campaign and get it ready for launch. But keep in mind that it takes a village! Brands, media agencies, creative agencies, your Google team, etc. Be sure to check with your Google representative on roles and responsibilities for each party to ensure a smooth launch. 

Step 6: Send tags for trafficking

If you’re setting up third-party pixels or Brand Lift reporting, this is the time.

Step 7: Let tags be trafficked and campaigns be approved for launch

Sit tight. Here’s where third-party tags and ad approvals take place.

Step 8: Launch campaign

With your Google Ads campaign it’s as easy as setting your campaign live.

Step 9: Measure and optimize

Rinse, lather, repeat. The beauty about digital advertising is you can quickly see what’s working and what’s not. Check how your ads are performing against your KPIs and fine tune your approach for better results. 

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