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How are YouTube placements purchased?
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This list summarizes the options for buying video placements; including the key strengths of each Google video buying option, how each option aligns to marketing objectives, and the ad formats available.

Auction buying


Google Ads

  • Allows longer creatives
  • Users opt in to watching
  • Incremental YouTube view count
  • Flexible network selection: YouTube and video partners on the Google Display Network
  • Flexible pricing: cost-per-view vs. cost-per-acquisition
  • Flexible auctions and real-time optimization
  • Allows user engagement/interaction
  • Only pay for views or actions

Marketing objectives:

  • Looking to influence consideration and drive action? Look to buy through Google Ads


  • TrueView ads and bumper ads 


Reservation buying

Google representative


  • Unique reach and scale for light TV viewers
  • Efficient gross rating points (GRPs) for a specific demo
  • Pre-packaged lineups
  • For advertisers with upfront agreements (for Google Preferred)
  • For advertisers seeking heavy share of voice by sponsoring whole channels, content playlists, or video collections from different YouTube content creators

Marketing objectives:


  • Looking to extend your reach or raise brand awareness? Look for reserve options.



  • Google Preferred, Mastheads ads, video ads, and bumper ads

Programmatic buying

Google Display & Video 360

  • Programmatic buying platform
  • Reach viewers across nearly every publisher
  • Replicate the scale and quality of TV
  • Target smarter with data
  • Simplify your efforts across multiple tools

Marketing objectives:

  • Looking to hit your brand and performance goals with the power of programmatic? Look to buy on Display & Video 360's complete programmatic buying platform.


  • Google Preferred, TrueView ads, and bumper ads
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