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What is your campaign's primary marketing goal when the target audience is on the fence about your product?
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EXAMPLE ONE: Karen Needs a New Furnace

  • First, Karen realizes it’s cold in her house. She checks the vents, and there’s no heat coming out. This is the second time it’s happened this winter – Awareness
  • Then, Karen Googles “furnace keeps breaking” – Consideration
  • Karen reads a blog on an HVAC company’s website about old furnaces and when to replace them. Karen wonders how old her furnace is – Awareness
  • Karen Google’s “how much is a furnace replacement” and reads a blog on a local HVAC company’s website. She decides it’s worth the splurge since her furnace is 15 years old – Consideration
  • Karen heads to Nextdoor to ask her neighbors for recommendations for a furnace replacement company – Awareness
  • Karen takes her recommendations and Googles each company’s reviews, services, and hours – Consideration
  • Karen narrows down her choices and heads to Facebook to ask for recommendations and input from her friends who have used those top companies – Consideration
  • Karen sees an ad at the top of Google for one of the companies her friends and neighbors recommended – Consideration
  • Karen clicks the ad and engages with a website chatbox. She books a consultation appointment in under a minute – Purchase
  • After her new furnace is installed, Karen raves on social media about how polite, clean, and respectful the installation techs were, and after she’s prompted from an email leaves a review on Google – Loyalty loop
  • Karen’s family starts sneezing in the spring. Karen saw a blog on Facebook about how dirty ducts can cause sneezing. When she sees a discount from the company for air duct cleaning in an email newsletter she clicks on the special and follows a shortened loop to get her air ducts cleaned – Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, and Loyalty loop

EXAMPLE TWO: Karen Wants a Kitchen Remodel

  • Karen has decided the pots have fallen on her head for the last time – Awareness
  • Karen logs on to Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas for kitchen organization by searching for the tag “#organizedkitchendesign” – Awareness
  • Karen pins and saves all her favorite ideas on social media, and begins looking for a local remodeler on Google – Consideration
  • Karen gets tired of browsing online and goes back to Facebook to ask for kitchen designer recommendations – Awareness
  • Karen Googles the reviews and projects of the recommended kitchen designers and sees one whose project she’s already pinned on Pinterest – Consideration
  • Karen picks her favorite designer and contacts the company, asking for more information – Consideration
  • After meeting with the designers and discussing needs and wants, Karen signs on for a kitchen remodel – Purchase
  • Karen documents her experience on Instagram – Loyalty loop
  • Karen raves about her new kitchen to friends on Facebook – Loyalty loop
  • Two years later, Karen’s master bedroom is destroyed from a roof leak. Karen skips the awareness and consideration phases and calls the remodeler directly for a quote – Loyalty loop, Purchase

EXAMPLE THREE: Karen Buys Some Beauty Boxes

  • While browsing on Facebook, Karen sees an ad for a beauty subscription box. She stops, thinks about her own beauty habits, and keeps scrolling – Awareness
  • The next day Karen sees a similar ad on another social platform for the same subscription box, except this ad has customer reviews. Karen thinks again about her own beauty regimen and clicks on the ad to see what the hubbub is about – Consideration
  • Karen Googles other beauty subscription boxes to see if she can get a better deal on the same products and services – Awareness, Consideration
  • The next day, while Karen browses the web, she keeps seeing ads for a 30-day trial for the subscription box  – Consideration
  • Karen subscribes to the 30-day trial – Purchase
  • Karen keeps her subscription and follows the company on social media – Loyalty loop, Purchase
  • Karen sees ads from the same company about a new beauty product – Awareness
  • Karen skips the consideration stage and purchases the new product based on her satisfaction with the previous one and her trust in the company – Loyalty loop, Purchase

The Absolute Best Digital Marketing Funnel Model and Framework

Understanding that when we say “digital marketing funnel” we’re talking about the new looping buyer’s journey, there’s one specific framework that I absolutely swear by (and you should, too):

Avinash Kaushik’s See-Think-Do-Care model.

I’ve written this model into many of my blogs because it’s so damn accurate.

The See-Think-Do-Care model is based on consumer intent and divides each stage into audience clusters


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