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What is the current in the bulb it has resistance ${15}{\Omega}$?
in Grade 12 Physical Sciences by Platinum (110k points) | 27 views

2 Answers

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The formula for current is I = V/R

Thus one can only calculate the ampere if one has the voltage and resistance. The information provided is not sufficient.
by Wooden (2k points)
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0 Ampere, Current doesn't flow in a closed-loop circuit when there is no voltage! Potential difference excites electrons and thus creates currents in a closed-loop circuit.
by Bronze Status (6.9k points)
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winkinterestingly though they haven't specified if it a closed-loop or not and theoretical or formula wise current is inversely proportional to the resistance thus I= 1/15 R????? Clarify Mr. Edzai

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