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What does an APRM Country Review Visit consist of?
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Each country review is led by a member of the Panel of Eminent persons. The review team includes experts from outside the country under review. To prepare for the review the APRM Secretariat prepares a background paper and a paper outlining the major issues in the country. These guide the in-country activities of the review team. In the first few countries, the review visit was about two weeks in duration. The South African review was 16 days. During the visit the review team is, according to the official guidance, meet with the widest possible range of government, officials, political parties, parliamentarians and representatives of civil society organisations including the media, academia, trade unions, business and professional bodies. The purpose is to glean different perspectives on governance in the country and to clarify matters identified in the Issues Paper not taken into account in the preliminary Programme of
Action of the country and to build consensus on how these could be addressed. After its visit, the review team produces the country review report. This draft report is first discussed with the country concerned to ensure the information is accurate, giving government both an opportunity to react to the findings and suggest solutions. If government disagrees with its findings or wishes to comment, it has the right to append comments to the report as an attachment. At this stage the country also finalises its Programme of Action, taking into account the conclusions and recommendations of the draft report. When this is complete, the report and programme of action are presented to the ARP Forum of heads of state for discussion.
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