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#APRMYouth – Prof Eddy Maloka bullish about youth participation in African governance

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professor eddy maloka

Officially opening the inaugural APRM Youth Network Workshop, the CEO of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), Professor Eddy Maloka expressed his excitement at the progress made by the newly formed youth network in paving the way for youths to meaningfully participate inĀ  governanceĀ  and democracy issues.

Hot on the heels of the first-ever APRM Youth Symposium held in Ndjamena, Chad, the APRM gathered in Johannesburg on the 4th of August 2019 to operationalise the “Ndjamena Declaration for Youth Participation“.

“It is great that the leadership of APRM has decided to put the youth at the centre of their operations, we feel appreciated and this encourages us to do more for African youths”, said Lennon Monyae, the APRM Youth Network coordinator.

In his remarks, Prof Maloka outlined the expectations of the APRM executive from the youth network workshop. Below are the key expectations as outlined:

  • Operationalize the Ndjamena Declaration by coming up with a roadmap and action plans for African youth.
  • Align the workshop outcomes to the APRM framework and all its dimensions.
  • Come up with a collaboration strategy plan to work with other African Union agencies and other partners working to empower African youth.
  • Submit proposal to APR decision making body composed of ministers in charge of APRM for each member country.
  • Come up with guidelines for youth participation in the official APRM country reviews at country-level.

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