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Post-Covid19: Society Needs New Ways of Behavior, Study, Work, Social Life

When the world comes out of the emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic, “We will need to study new ways of behavior, study, work, social life, to always keep a safe distance from each other. 

Theaters, stadiums, cinemas and planes will have to be redesigned to contain fewer people and fewer crowds. I go further. As vaccine research continues, global screening is needed. 

The data will be stored with some form of privacy protection in a blockchain platform available to international authorities. For now we have to resign ourselves: the virus will remain among us, and since the lockdown cannot be maintained forever in order not to definitively bend the world economy, we will have to wait for some remission to reopen (partially) the doors, resigning themselves to closing them quickly as soon as hospital intensive care reports an abnormal increase in access. 

But the revolution will have to go further, redesigning global governance. ” So to Republic Business & Finance Jeremy Rifkin (in the picture), the world guru of economics applied to ecology for which Covid-19 represented the Waterloo of globalization: “As we have known it – she explains – she is dead and buried. We must become familiar with the term glocal. I am involved in an EU project preparatory to the Green deal of President Ursula von der Leyen: the Bioregions, also supranational areas with particular homogeneity and industrial, agricultural and cultural vocation “. 

“In history, epochal transformations have always been preceded by disastrous epidemics, including the industrial revolution of the early 1800s and back and forth over the centuries. Each time we think back on the mistakes made. Here, not to repeat myself, the mistake, let’s call it that in order not to use more apocalyptic terms, is called climate change. 

Extreme events – fires, floods, tidal waves, droughts, famines – come on a multi-annual basis instead of every fifty years as in the past. And they always involve an escape and a displaced migration of men, animals and viruses: the latter, in order to survive, attach themselves desperately to other living beings. So they spread around the world. “

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