Passing your matric results is the most amazing feeling.  When you get your results, the world looks like it has no limits, not even the sky, until you fail to get a place for your preferred degree at your preferred university.

The process of writing exams, waiting for results and applying for tertiary institutions is one full of twists and painful turns. Emotions oscillate from excitement, worry, stress to relief for others. The journey to being accepted for your degree is a strenuous one and all students need some advice as to what to do.

A number of corporates have set up programs for career advice and support services. The government has not been found wanting, it has come up with an effective way to help in securing a place for students that have been rejected by their preferred institutions. It is easy to use the platform to ensure everyone gets a shot at quality tertiary education commensurate with their matric results.

Following the successful introduction of the Central Application Clearing House (CACH) in 2013, the Department of Higher Education and Training is again offering this service to assist people who wish to study at one of our many Universities or Colleges in 2019 and have not been offered a place at the institution to which they have applied.

Now that the examination results are available, CACH is passing applicant information on to Universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges and SETA’s offering learnerships that are still looking for students. By registering on their website – –  you are agreeing that your details may be passed on to registered providers of higher and further education or learnerships.

The Clearing House service aims to match applicants’ exam results and study preferences with places that need to be filled, but we cannot guarantee that you will be offered a place. CACH shall take your Grade 12 results directly from the Department of Basic Education. If you want to study at a specific institution only, you should not apply through CACH but contact that institution directly. If you have already applied to a University and have not heard from them, please contact them to find out whether they can offer you a place.

It is probable that most of the places available at Universities through CACH will require good performance in subjects such as Maths, Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. To increase the range of opportunities, the service has been extended to include registered private colleges and opportunities for learnerships through SETA’s, as well as Technical and Vocational Education and Training Colleges, and you are also advised to investigate other options.

An offer of a place does not automatically guarantee that you get funding and you should start looking for funding as early as possible.