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Must See – Google’s current expansion plans for Africa revealed

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Growing human capital is at the centre of Google’s Africa strategy. Fully aware of the legacy issues that bedevil the continent, Google has strategically placed itself at the centre of the continent’s 4IR efforts. Adoption of Google products by governments, corporations and other entities is crucial for the company’s growth strategy.

Thanks to Google, African youths whose population is projected to explode can now access world-class computer science, cloud-computing , data science skills and services for free. These offers to the African citizens are being run under the Grow With Google initiative.Grow with Google is a global initiative that aims to create more opportunities for everyone.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, Grow with Google provides free training courses, tools and in-person coaching through our Digital Skills for Africa and Developer Programmes to help people get the right skills to find a job, advance their careers or start or grow their own businesses.

Google also includes training and other educational activities for developers, creators, small business
owners, primary and high school students and agency partners.

  1. If interested in CS First – , interested in attending a
  2. If interested in Google Digital Skills – , interested
    in attending a session
  3. If interested in listing your business on Google Maps –
  4. If you want to reach more customers with Google Ads – and contact the
    support line: South Africa: +27 800 000 777
  5. If interested in online child safety –
  6. If interested in Google Developers –
  7. If interested in Google for Startups –
  8. If an NGO, resources available –
  9. Find your next job at Google –
  10. App Developers – Google’s App guides. App Developers who want to build Apps and
    distribute them on Google Play should read Google’s guides for:
    a. developing Android apps (including building their first app) –
    b. visually designing Android apps –
    c. distributing apps on Google Play –
    d. how to earn money from their Android apps –

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