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MathsGee Q&A on Mapping Grade 3 Maths Questions

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MathsGee Q&A, an initiative of The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) is on a mission to map all Grade 3 mathematics questions in order to help struggling learners, teachers and parents.

Many parents do not know how to help their child with math homework and it gets confusing if they google a question and cant find the answer.

If they happen to find an answer it is sometimes explained used very difficult methods. TEDSF hopes to solve the parents’ problems especially by creating a platform where all Grade 3 questions will be answered by the crowd using different methods, this variety will help parents understand and be able to support their child beyond the classroom.

The platform is open to everyone and users can ask and/or answer questions. If they do not want to answer questions they can simply comment or vote on the most helpful solutions.

Simply send your Grade 3 kids’ math question(s) by filling in the ASK form and you will be on your way to mathematical happiness.

Please post only one question per submission so that they can be indexed correctly to facilitate all users’ future searches for similar questions.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask here, just post each question separately.
You can also post your  answers to other people’s  questions.

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