With over 1 million graduates, TEDSF Learn is one of the world’s largest certifying organisations. Our approach to accreditation is innovative enabling anyone to certify and verify their learning on any subject at almost any level.

Our Scalable Education Solution

In a world where knowledge u0026amp; skills are expanding at an unprecedented fast rate, a new universal standardised approach to accreditation is needed to allow everyone share in the tremendous wave of learning opportunity before us.

TEDSF Learn’s system of Accreditation allows anyone, anywhere, at any time, to certify and verify what someone knows or does not know. No piece of certificate paper is necessary to gain confidence about what someone tells you they know or understand. With TEDSF Learn, you can instantly review the level of the course someone has done, or even review the entire course if you so chose. You can take the tests that others have taken, or watch them take these same tests to prove what they know, as these tests can be given quickly and efficiently. This “Here and Now” testing was simply not possible before the development of two recent technologies: the ubiquitous internet, and the smartphone. As everyone becomes connected to the one network, the sources of knowledge and learning, and ready assessments to test same can be accessed in an instant.

How the TEDSF Learn Accreditation System works

You can achieve and earn various levels of TEDSF Learn Certification, namely, Certificate, Diploma or Learning Path levels. What an TEDSF Learn graduate must always be aware of is how easily a prospective employer, recruiter, or work colleague can challenge an MathsGee graduate to demonstrate they hold and retain the level of learning that they profess.

Unlike traditional education institutions which expect employers to respect the currency of accreditations which are decades old (when the knowledge is often long gone from former student heads), an TEDSF Learn accreditation is always current and can be challenged.

The TEDSF Learn Academy

The TEDSF Learn Academy is a separate organisation within TEDSF Learn that sets the standard for all TEDSF Learn learning. Led by a team of traditionally qualified pedagogic specialists and masters and doctorate level, they evaluate all courses published on the TEDSF Learn free learning platform to make sure they adhere to an appropriate high standard.

TEDSF Learn works with subject-matter-expert on every subject for which it publishes content. Our approach is to start with one subject-matterexpert or expert group or organisation, and then open out the setting of appropriate standards for a subject across a wider expert group. The proof of the currency and value of TEDSF Learn Accredited courses is with the employers who recognise the value of the knowledge and skills of our learners who study with us and pass our assessments. By working with a universally wide body of subject-matter-experts, TEDSF Learn can accredit courses on every subject.

Where it is possible to do so, we match the standard of learning, whether at Certificate, Diploma, or Learning Path level with national and other international standards. By using our own accreditation methodology, we believe we can achieve the same, if not higher standards of accreditation across all subject offerings, offer more speedy develop of new courses, and above all, provide free access to the study of subjects to anyone who wishes to learn.

With 1 million graduates, clearly there are a lot of people in the world happy with the standards we set. If we did not boldly set forth to create our own standards, the alternative would be to pay third party organisations to accredit all the courses we publish. This would not only be prohibitively expensive, leading to us being unable to provide our learning for free, but also, it would be logistically very difficult as we aim to publish and accredit several hundred courses per week in the near future. There are very few accreditation agencies, national or international that could handle this volume of course creation and accreditation.