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Key to Restoring the Harmony Between Humanity and Nature

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We are bombarded with bad news day in day out. This negative news can be unbearable, but as a species, we have to find creative ways to deal with this onslaught.

Searching through various ways in which the human race copes with stress and mishaps, I have come to the conclusion that yoga is the answer. Yoga, not only has spiritual benefits but physical gains as well.

Yoga, an eastern tradition that has spread across the planet and is being practiced in all corners of the world is the key to restoring the harmony between humanity and nature.

In my quest to find out more about yoga, I came across a site entitled Tounché  and saw that they had a major event in Cape Town this November. The theme of the event is what really captivated me. The theme for the event is “Restoring the Harmony Between Humanity and Nature”. The event is an inclusive conscious gathering committed to represent the diversity of the world.

I am all about finding ways of helping my African people find innovative ways to thrive and I am convinced such gatherings as this event are necessary to enlighten our people on what is and what can be.

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Besides the theme, I was impressed by the lineup of speakers and leaders who hail from all over the world and represent the diversity we yearn for. The international nature of the event is surely pleasing and this is one of the main reasons I am going to try this yoga thing out.

The 3rd Edition of Tounché Global Consciousness Summit will take place on Saturday, 30th November 2019 on sacred land in the idyllic Tulbagh valley 120KM outside of Cape Town, South Africa. The land is located in the Cape Town Energy Vortex considered as the Planetary Gate 12 of the Earth whose primary virtue is “EVERLASTING LIGHT”. It’s also the World Earth Spinner Wheel. A Powerful location perfectly relevant for remembering that WE AND EARTH ARE ONE.

The summit will feature international thought-leaders, wisdom keepers, global experts, spiritual visionaries, healers, storytellers and meditation teachers representing the diversity of the African diaspora and the world.

Participants will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from top experts who shared wisdom and real-world experiences, aimed at restoring the harmony between humanity and nature.

Tounché is taking place on Sacred Land in the idyllic Tulbagh valley on a 95ha private farmhouse quiet escape nestled amongst abundant indigenous fynbos. Immersed in nature and tucked in one of South Africa’s most famous and beautiful wine valley, it’s the ideal place to celebrate our interbeing with Nature. The backdrop of Tounché will be tranquil breathtaking views of the surrounding nature, mountains and rock pools. The majestic farm is named after Guinevere, Queen and Goddess of the Land.

For more access information and directions to the venue, visit:


Venue: Guinevere Private Farm, Tulbagh, South Africa (120KM from Cape Town, South Africa)

Cost: 65 Euros Includes food but not drinks.

Perks: Complementary shuttle from Cape Town for the first 50 people to register for the shuttle.



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