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Joylynn Kirui -Implications of AI & Blockchain on Cybercrime

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Joylynn Kirui

Joylynn Kirui, a Senior Technology Security Assurance Officer at Safaricom will host a session at the 2019 Women in Tech conference to be held in Cape Town. Her session entitled, ‘Implications of AI & Blockchain on Cybercrime and Security in Africa’ will start at 12:30 PM on the 18th of March 2019 as part of  The Future of Africa is Tech series.

Joylynn’s session will highlight how AI can both be weaponised as a cyber-threat and be autonomously deployed to fight back against in-progress attacks. On the other hand, blockchain can also be used to weaponise DDoS attacks, Decentralised ID, Fraud protection, or even private messaging. This session will navigate the advances of AI and blockchain, addressing the ‘immune system’ model for cybersecurity and the limitations of legacy approaches to information security for Africa.
Expected key takeaways from this session include:
  • Exploring the 2019 threat landscape in Africa.
  • Understanding how AI & Blockchain can take cybersecurity to the next level – from DDoS attacks, Malware, Spyware, Phishing and more.
  • Gaining best practice on the tools needed for intelligence information sharing.

Women in Technology Africa 2019, taking place in Cape Town, is part of the world’s biggest Women in Tech conference series. This groundbreaking conference enables people and organisations to connect, learn and take action on gender diversity and inclusion in the world’s fastest growing industry.

Through inspirational keynotes, deep insight into tech trends and business strategy, technical classes, and career development workshops, this conference provides all the content and networking opportunities needed to flourish in the tech sector.

The African continent is one of the highest growth geographies in the world and boasts a booming tech sector, a viable market, rich with entrepreneurship and innovation. Tech is shaping the future, and enabling Africa to leapfrog development challenges; be part of the community, join us making an impact on the gender gap and supercharge your career at Women in Technology Africa 2019.

To book for this event, visit the Women in Tech page.

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