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Johannesburg: Meet and Possibly Hire Digital Marketing Talent this Saturday

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Venue: G1 Hub, 18 Sunset Ave, Pineslopes, Johannesburg, 2194

Tel: 082 447 1401
Date: 14th September, 2019

Time: 10:30 AM Prompt

If you would like to meet and mingle with prospective digital marketing employees, please fill in the form on


About this event

In Africa over 30% of employers identify inadequate skilled workforce as a major constraint to business growth and employability. This reflects a need for much more widespread advanced digital literacy.
Google is hosting a 6 day Advanced Learning Lab to upskill entry-level individuals and prepare them for careers in digital.

We’re excited to invite you to engage with these participants with the potential of connecting them with opportunities within your organization.

About Our Students

While our graduates all display a common set of skills and competencies, they each bring their own backgrounds and interests to their work as marketers. What you can expect are a group of proactive, creative and collaborative graduates.

Advanced Learning Lab’s Digital Marketing Graduates:

  • Articulate data-driven marketing concepts and navigate the vast landscape of digital marketing tools and techniques.
  • Determine appropriate channels to reach target audiences and drive them through the conversion funnel.
  • Develop marketing strategies that solve real problems for businesses around acquiring, engaging and retaining customers.
  • Gain proficiency with search marketing, SEO and content, email and one-to-one marketing, social media and video marketing.
  • Measure, analyze and optimize the performance of campaigns using Google Analytics and other fundamental tools.
  • Demonstrate skills that complement a digital marketer’s toolkit including HTML and CSS, UX concepts like uer research, data analytics, communication and presentation skills. -Work with a team of fellow marketers, stakeholders and clients to create data-driven campaigns that drive business results.

What’s in it for you?

Priority access to the industry’s freshest talent.


The event is structured as a reverse job fair. Graduates will be stationed at tables, showcasing their individual and team projects. Employers are free to engage each grad at their discretion. Graduates are looking for paid employment, apprenticeship roles, and many are open to either/both. Please discuss your preferences for hiring with graduates as you meet them. Try to view as many graduate portfolios as possible during the event – moving around the space will ensure you get the greatest exposure to the range of skill sour graduates have to offer.

Prereqs & Preparation

Please note: this is an exclusive event for companies who are looking to hire our Digital Marketing immersive learning lab graduates only.

Questions about the event? Please contact


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