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Enter & Win – R10 000 For Grabs: MathsGee High School Knowledge Challenge

MathsGee QnA, an initiative of The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) has launched the MathsGee Knowledge Challenge. This is a competition aimed at high school learners.

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In line with the Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) drive that is being championed by TEDSF through the MathsGee QnA initiative, MathsGee is inviting all learners to participate in the crowd-sourced knowledge generation through the question and answer platform developed by MathsGee.

At TEDSF,we believe that knowledge is available and should be free. We also believe that every child deserves to be supported whilst studying from home.

We encourage every high school learner to participate in our forum by sharing their expertise and asking questions so that we can achieve a complete mapping of all questions in STEM subjects. We hope that this repository of knowledge will help learners, parents and teachers be the best they can be in STEM subjects.

There is a fabulous prize of R2 000 for each of the first 5 learners that achieve GOLD STATUS by the 1st of May 2020. To qualify a user must be one of the first 5  learners to reach 10 000 points by the 1st of May 2020.

MathsGee knowledge challenge

How to get started:

  1. Visit
  2. Login (Top right corner)
  3. Start Asking, Answering, Commenting and Voting.
  4. Earn Point
  5. If top 5 to reach 10 000 points before 16 April then win R2 000.


Rules for the competition:

  1. This competition is only open to South African high school learners.
  2. When registering, make sure to add your email, school and grade.
  3. The grand prize money for being one of the top 5 to attain 10 000 points on the MathsGee QnA platform is R2 000.
  4. The Education Support Forum (TEDSF), reserves the right to award more participants after the 16th of April 2020.
  5. No cheating or any other illegal activities will tolerated.
  6. Always give the best answer to the best of your ability in order to help the asker.


To enhance your status and show off that you are a self-starter who has extensively participated on the MathsGee QnA forum you need to obtain the following points:

  • Platinum – 15,000 points
  • Gold Status – 10,000 points
  • Silver Status – 8,000 points
  • Bronze Status – 3,000 points

Points will be awarded in a standardised manner. Below is a breakdown of how points will be attained:

Posting a question:points
Selecting an answer for your question:points
Per up vote on your question:+points
Per down vote on your question:points
Limit from up votes on each question:+points
Limit from down votes on each question:points
Posting an answer:points
Having your answer selected as the best:points
Per up vote on your answer:+points
Per down vote on your answer:points
Limit from up votes on each answer:+points
Limit from down votes on each answer:points
Per up vote on your comment:+points
Per down vote on your comment:points
Limit from up votes on each comment:+points
Limit from down votes on each comment:points
Voting up a question:points
Voting down a question:points
Voting up an answer:points
Voting down an answer:points
Multiply all points:×
Add for all users:+points


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The Education Support Forum (TEDSF) is a leading pan-African research and implementation organization committed to improving employability and entrepreneurship in Africa through robust research, sustainable interventions and effective partnerships.

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