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Empowering South Africa’s Youth with Green Skills for a Sustainable Future

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South Africa’s youth stands at the forefront of an unprecedented opportunity to drive the nation’s sustainable future. The Education Support Forum’s (TEDSF) latest initiative, in partnership with MathsGee, Acalytica, and Level-X, is set to ignite this potential through a dynamic Green Energy Workforce Development project. This innovative endeavour aims to infuse the market with skilled professionals ready to contribute to the green energy revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

With a focus on unemployed TVET graduates, the project targets the heart of South Africa’s future—the spirited youth. The commitment is to not only educate but to transform these young minds into the pioneers of renewable energy skills, equipping them with the tools necessary for elevating their employability and entrepreneurship prospects. The vision is clear: a South Africa where youth unemployment is tackled with the same vigour and intensity as the push for clean energy.

The project, supported by ZAR 30 million in funding, with ZAR 20 million requested from the Jobs Fund and the remainder from the Sasol Foundation, is a beacon of transformation over its 2-year horizon. TEDSF, a QCTO and MICT SETA accredited NPO, is employing a strategic approach that includes comprehensive training, learner-ship placements, and entrepreneurship support, specifically designed for the nuances and needs of previously disadvantaged backgrounds and townships.

Participants will embark on a journey through a curriculum tailored to the renewable energy sector’s demands. The initiative is set to address critical skills shortages, enhance job creation potential, and establish a robust renewable energy talent pool. The project takes the challenge head-on, aiming to equip township-based youths with the means to power their growth and become active participants in the burgeoning 4IR economy.

The ripple effect of this initiative is far-reaching. Beyond individual empowerment, the project is a direct strike against poverty and unemployment. By fostering a generation of skilled green energy professionals, TEDSF is catalyzing economic development and environmental stewardship, paving the way for a wave of innovation and sustainable progress.

This project is more than just a training program—it’s a movement. We call on industry leaders, potential participants, and the community to join hands with us in shaping a greener, more prosperous future for South Africa. Let’s empower our youth with the skills they need to lead the charge in our nation’s green energy transition.

The Green Energy Workforce Development project is not just about creating jobs; it’s about inspiring a new era of environmental consciousness and economic growth. With the collective effort of our partners and the unwavering spirit of South African youth, the future looks brighter than ever. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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