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#Econothon – Social Protection Policies should be at the centre of future of work

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“In order to harness the digital transformation benefits in Africa, it is paramount that leaders think carefully about social protection policies”, said Albert Zeufack, Chief Economist for Africa at the World Bank.

There have been many studies around the impact of technological advancement and the associated disruptions to humanity’s reality whether its learning, work, social interactions and even values have shifted. These studies have come out with a lot of reccommendations but Africa needs to solve the social protection issue.

The older generation that is not necessarily digitally savvy should not be left behind. There has to a comprehensive policy and investment  in skilling and re-skilling them.

This skills upgrade cuts across the spectrum of society whether people currently have work or not.

Insurance companies, pension schemes are not doing enough to come up with sustainable solutions that are focused on empowering the populace of Africa with regards to health and education in the future.

Key take aways

  1. African countries should strengthen governance.
  2. Social protection policy should be in place and private and public players should assist in achieving a sustainable future.
  3. The future is inevitable.
  4. Expert insights not reaching the man on the street.



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