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Media Recommendation Applications

In addition to generic recommender systems, I decided to add a list of applications where recommendations are a core offering, specifically in the domain of media recommendations:

  1. Yeah, Nah Movie recommendations app based on GER
  2. Jinni Movie recommendations site
  3. Gyde Streaming media recommendations
  4. TasteKid movies, books, music recommendations. sent to me by thelinuxlich
  5. Gnoosic music based on bands. sent to me by thelinuxlich
  6. Pandora music recommendations based on likes and dislikes or songs
  7. Criticker Game and movie collaborative recs. suggested by ran88dom99
  8. movielens.org End user movie n book rec by lenskit people. suggested by ran88dom99
  9. MAL based only similar usersrec and rec suggested by ran88dom99
  10. NewsPortalUserInteractions A large dataset provided by globo.com for news recommendation suggested by guedes-joaofelipe
  11. ContentWise UX management solution for digital media entertainment. suggested by GiovanniPaoloGibilisco
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