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Academic Recommender Systems

Recommender systems are a very active area of research in academia, though few of the generated systems make it out of the lab. Here are a few I have found that did:

  1. Duine Framework a Java based recommendation system that has been abandoned
  2. MyMediaLite C# based in-memory recommender system that has been abandoned
  3. Bonus: List of Recommender System Dissertations, a useful list to keep up with the current state of recommendations systems in academia
  4. LibRec A Java based Recommendations engine with loads of implemented algorithms (suggested by Saúl Vargas)
  5. RankSys Java Recommendation system for novelty and diversity created by Saúl Vargas)
  6. LIBMF A Matrix-factorization Library for Recommender Systems
  7. proNet-core A general-purpose network embedding framework which provides several factorization-based models for recommender systems
  8. Devooght A repository containing collaborative-filtering algorithms based on sequences.
  9. Cornac A Python based comparative framework for multimodal recommender systems with a focus on models leveraging auxiliary data (developed by Preferred.AI).
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