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Candice Modiselle – motivates African youths

Why not? We have no reason not to be the best we can be in life.


Television presenter, Generations The Legacy Actress, Speaker, Radio Host, Wits Drama Honours graduate, Lecturer, Candice Modiselle spoke to The Education Support Forum’s Edzai C. Zvobwo on her career, passion for youth and how she uses her fame to inspire other youths.


Edzai Conilias Zvobwo is passionate about empowering Africans through mathematics, problem-solving techniques and media. As such, he founded MathsGenius Leadership Institute, The Education Support Forum, and NdiribhoTV. Through these organisations, he has helped create an ecosystem for disseminating information, training, and supporting STEM education to all African people. A maths evangelist who teaches mathematical thinking as a life skill, Edzai’s quest has seen him being named the SABC Ambassador for STEM; he has been invited to address Fortune 500 C-suite executives at the Mobile 360 North America; was nominated to represent Southern Africa at the inaugural United Nations Youth Skills Day in New York; was invited to be a contributor to the World Bank Group Youth Summit in 2016; has won the 2014 SADC Protocol on Gender and Development award for his contribution to women's empowerment in education; and has partnered with local and global firms in STEM interventions. Edzai is a firm believer that Africa can be liberated if her people are mathematically literate and are able to apply structured problem-solving thinking methodologies to find solutions to social, political and economic problems that have long affected his home continent. He is currently completing an MSc in Mathematical Statistics.

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