Encourung schools to migrate information distribution to digital in order to reduce costs of paper and to minimize students misplacing sheets.


This is will allow students to access information from their computers or cell phones.

Mothers For STEM Iniatiative:

You can donate any amount towards our goal of empowering 150 women with STEM tutoring businesses

What is the problem?

Unemployment, inequality and crime are the biggest threat to the South African society.  Black girls and women are the most affected by the harsh realities of this beloved nation. If steps are not taken to sustainably empower them, then there is is little to no hope for future generations of previously disadvantaged groups in South Africa.

Why this intervention?

One key area that has been identified as a priority is getting more women in STEM. Mothers have been identified as the main culprits in discouraging girls to take up STEM subjects and careers.This is as a result of them being oppressed thus they have a distorted worldview.

What do I believe can be done?

I, Edzai Zvobwo as the Chief Genius at MathsGenius Leadership Institute (MGLI) believe that we are not doing justice for our girls and women and it saddens me that we still perpetuate the discrimination of opportunities towards women. I have witnessed it first-hand in my sojourns as a maths evangelist across the country where we have been demystifying STEM training and supporting learners and parents in their quest for success. I have decided to do something about it, I have become a vigilante for women’s rights to STEM education.

My first attempt at solving this problem was writing books encouraging girls and women to follow their heart and do STEM. I wrote a book entitled “GirlChild Rise Up in the Sciences” which can be purchased on Lulu.com

I wrote another one encouraging girls to explore alternative routes to employment through artisan-ship. This book is entitled “Artisanship, the path to greatness” and together with my other book “The Mathematical Genius in You” can be downloaded from the SABC website for FREE.

The books have made a tremendous impact, serving as awareness tools for the different national campaigns we have done with several corporate partners. Over 50 000 copies have been distributed country-wide.

I believe that the best way to really empower women in STEM is to give as many of them as possible the capacity to start their own STEM businesses  that will economically empower them whilst giving them an opportunity to spread STEM knowledge.

I have a target of empowering 150 mothers to be STEM business owners.

How can this be Achieved?

  1. Create an app with pre-loaded STEM content – worksheets, tab-based exercises and puzzle cards. (Status – 70% complete)
  2. Set-up call centre to support our business women.
  3. Train as many educated housewives and other interested women as possible  to run their own STEM tutoring and merchandise business.(No startup costs)
  4. We market all the businesses on the platform and ensure lead generation.
  5. We get a nominal commission from their revenues.

I am of the firm conviction that this is a low hanging fruit that will achieve massive boost in economic contribution of women and knowledge transfer in the STEM domain.

How can you help?

For this to be a success I need all the help I can get. Whether its technical skills in developing the app, content and structuring the business to operational stuff on how to maximize benefit for the women business owners and their clients.

The biggest thing we need is financial support. We have the ideas and just need financial backing to make this dream a reality. It costs $1,000 to fully setup each mother.

You can donate any amount towards our goal of R200,000

It is sad that this is during examination times for learners in the area and their schooling year has been disturbed causing a significant dent to their academic progress. It is our duty as individuals, corporates and civil society to be there at a time when our fellow brothers and sisters are suffering due to acts of nature and there is nothing they could have done to prevent the catastrophe. Let us join hands and donate whatever amount we can towards helping the learners in Knysna get back n their feet and run the race towards academic excellence. It is with heartfelt regret, that these learners had to go through such a calamity. Please join The Education Support Forum (TESF) in getting as many funds as possible towards buying books, blankets, stationary and all materials needed to comfortably learn. The official death toll in the Southern Cape has risen to five, with as much as 80% of the fires contained. Shocked family members are reeling from the tragic death of a pregnant mother, her husband and their three-year-old son, who have been identified as victims of the catastrophic wildfires on the Garden Route, Knysna Plett Herald reports. Formerly from Uitenhage, Madre Johnston, 33 – who was eight months pregnant – husband Tony, 34, and son Michael perished in the raging forest fires while fleeing for safety from their Sedgefield smallholding. Knysna Adding to the devastation is the fact that the family died on little Michael’s third birthday. Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie said their bodies were found about 15 metres from their smallholding in Elandskraal, located between Sedgefield and Karatara. Battling tears, Madre’s grief-stricken sister, Linda Truscott, 42, said Tony and Madre had been living on the smallholding while both worked at a civil engineering firm in Knysna. Truscott said the family had been looking forward to welcoming another little boy in only five weeks. “We are completely destroyed. We really thought they would make it out safely. We do not know what happened. We think it was smoke inhalation, but we do not know.” READ MORE:Three die in raging Knysna fire After initial reports of a fire in the area, family members had tried frantically to contact Madre and Tony. “They belonged to a very close-knit community out there, and their neighbours called us to find out if they were safe. We had not heard anything from them. We tried calling, but there was no reception. Maybe the [cellphone] towers were destroyed. The last time Madre was on WhatsApp was around 6.32am,” Truscott said. At lunchtime on Wednesday, they received the tragic news. Tony’s cousin, Lunice Johnston, said they had loved the outdoors. They belonged to a mountaineering club, and were usually always first to respond to emergencies. “They lived in the forest, very isolated. If I were ever to be in trouble in the forest or the bush somewhere, I would have felt the safest with Tony around me because he would have got me out of there. He was very practical and calm. We understand their whole area was engulfed with flames and that they tried to escape but were literally just outside their home when they were surrounded and trapped by thick smoke,” she said. “Their home was burnt to the ground. Our family is devastated, but we know somehow we’ll get through this.” Truscott said Tony and Madre had been high school sweethearts, and had both attended Brandwag High in Uitenhage.

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