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Introduction to Robotics & Electronics on Raspberry Pi – Saturday 25 January

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Making an impact does not require one to make grandiose plans and announce it to the world. It is the unsung heroes slaving away in their little corners who ensure the wheels of human progress keep rolling.

My friend and I established that one of the problems that have emanated from social media and its ability to broadcast people’s ideas to all corners of the world, is that the noise-makers who might not necessarily be doing anything on the ground are the ones that are visible and get celebrated. This is at the expense of the individuals and groups that are dedicating their efforts to actually doing the work on the ground. I am not saying social media broadcasting success is a zero-sum game but the noise-makers tend to have more influence on the general populace across the world.

Philip Booysen is the principal trainer and founder of Pi Guy, a business centrally focused around training and helping technology enthusiasts to master Linux, programming and electronics on the Raspberry Pi computer platform. Being an Electronics Engineer coupled with 24 years experience in the IT ecosystem, he really loves training and helping people to grasp and apply technical tools and platforms in an easy to understand manner.

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He started hacking the Raspberry Pi which is a small credit card size computer, in May 2012. He was one of the first official five people in Gauteng to own a Pi! (Street cred). He has also started two businesses around Raspberry Pi and is very well known in the Open Source Community as one of the very few Red Hat Certified Architects in SA.

Philip regularly hosts training sessions. There is always a high demand for his sessions and seats are difficult to secure if one waits for last minute. The most popular course is the Introduction to Electronics on Raspberry Pi Training Course.

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This course will show you how you can start the IoT journey by automating everything in your life using this small credit card-sized PC.

This high-value workshop includes:

  • A quality printed course manual
  • FREE RasPi Pi Guy Hardware Attached Top (HAT/Shield)
  • GPIO IO Hardware Kit, LED and Buttons
  • BONUS Electronics, includes Weather Station Sensors
  • 16GB SDcard: A souped-up Raspbian Micro SD card (everything works out of the box)
  • A FULL day in-class hands-on workshop
  • FREE Pizza

The course is dynamic and one never loses enggement because it is practical and one can see the fruits of their labour almost immediately thus feeding the human hunger for instant gratification and application of knowledge. Olivia “Was an awesome course, Philip teaches with such energy and excitement that you can’t help but excited too. He managed to give so much information in such little time and made it easy enough for the beginners to keep up.”

This is what is covered in class:

  • Get kits and comprehensive 70 page bounded manual
  • See array of amazing possibilities on what we’ve done with Raspberry Pi
  • We unpack Pi, help you to get your Pi setup (we supply everything else)
  • Get awesome prepped SDcard, how to get your Pi going hassle free!
  • Get to pop on your own Pi Guy HAT
  • Setup Laptop for easy GUI access to your Pi
  • Explore the Raspi GUI
  • Explore Linux command line
  • Explore and write your first Python script
  • Get to understand basics of switches and LEDs
  • Use and get to understand Python script to interact with Electronics
  • Make a LED train
  • 16 Million RGB LED madness
  • Make that servo arm move
  • Build Weather station (Temperature/Humidity)
  • Light intensity and buzzer beeping (sunrise alarm)
  • Setup Radio PiFM Broadcasting, your own radio station

Included in the course

  • A quality printed course manual
  • An extensive hardware kit (valued at more than R700)
  • Special Edition Pi Guy HAT/Shield
  • SDcard: A Raspbian Micro SD card prepopulated with some examples and code for the training
  • A light lunch

You need:

  • Mac/Laptop with an Ethernet¬†networking interface
  • A Raspberry Pi 2/3 (Don’t have one? Add a Raspberry Pi and optionally a power supply and case to your cart above!)


For more information and to book:
Book Now

When: Saturday, 25 January 2020 (in Centurion)
Time: 08h30 for 09h00-15h00
Cost: R2900 per candidate
Included: Extensive hardware kit & 16GB prepared SD card & light lunch

Address: House4Hack, 4 Burger Avenue, Lyttleton Manor, Centurion, GP 0157, South Africa


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