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Andrea Holmes Thompkins recognised in Africa

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Andrea Holmes Thompkins, a 35-year veteran broadcast media sales and marketing executive has been honoured by the BOAF organisation in South Africa.  She is responsible for some of the most lucrative advertising sales sponsorships and campaigns, combining her interests in fashion, music and sports.

Andrea credits her success to the continual support rendered by her husband of 32 years, who happens to be her college sweetheart and their two sons.

Her media sales and marketing concepts have been executed in the highest rated programs in television history, including the Super Bowl, the World Series, the World Cup, the NBA, the NHL, American Idol, Emmy Awards, etc. Her roster of “A” clients, have included the top advertisers in all media, including; American Express, AOL, Burger King, BMW, Chase, Coca Cola, Chrysler, Ford, Kraft, Lincoln Mercury, General Motors, McDonalds, Mercedes, Nike, Pepsi, P&G, Toys R US, Toyota, Twentieth Century Fox, Visa, to name a few.

In the induction, Mutumwa Mawere of the 1873 Network who are promoting the initiative said, “It is my distinct honour and privilege to congratulate Ms Andrea Holmes Thompkins, as one of Africa’s shining stars, who has over the last 35 years been in the business of promoting and protecting Africa as a bankable address of doing business”.

Africa is the remaining frontier whose full potential is yet to be fully unlocked and exploited.  The BOAF initiative seeks to project many individuals who are playing a positive and constructive role in shaping and defining Africa’s character and personality.

The continent is a bank whose true personality lies in the thoughts and deeds of its peoples wherever they may be located.,” said Mawere.

This award comes at the right time as black people continue to be discriminated in America and are now looking to foster relationships with their kith and kin in the motherland. There has been a surge in returnees to the continent of Africa in the last 5 years and more migration and trans-Atlantic partnership are expected to multiply exponentially in the next 3 years and beyond.


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