Functional allocation of expenses

Opening our data and sharing of insights


Fulfillment labour

  • – vetting each project
  • – purchasing materials
  • – coordinating delivery of the materials
  • – processing thank-you letters and photos
  • – customer service

Fulfillment materials

  • – postage from classroom to our office
  • – postage from our office to donor
  • – envelopes

15%  of one’s donation to a classroom project is default-allocated to overhead, teacher outreach, maintenance and build-out of the website. Citizen donors may opt out (about a quarter reduce or eliminate the allocation) while partners leave it intact.


Financial Statements

Tax Returns


Regulatory Filings


Corporate Governance

Conflict of Interest Policy
Non-discrimination Policy
Policy on Board Member Expense Reimbursement
Compensation Committee Charter
Cause-Marketing and Co-venture Disclosures
Corporate Governance Committee Charter
Name Change Amendment
Audit Committee Charter
Gift Acceptance Policy
Whistleblower Policy