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4IR Skills for every African child

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Dear African Child,
MathsGee is working with Google to help improve employability and business growth through their Digital Skills for Africa program.
By completing the training at MathsGee you will join the more than 2 million people that have participated in Digital Skills for Africa to take advantage of the web to grow your business or career.
Prepare for a digital future with more than 100 lessons covering topics from how to build your online presence, and how to land your next job, to introduction to coding and machine learning.
If you complete all sessions successfully, you will receive a certificate from Google, endorsed by the European Advertising Bureau.
Only have a few minutes? The lessons are short 2 – 4 minutes in length so that you can learn on the go.
Worried about data? The training videos are low bandwidth, but you can also only read a transcript instead of watching a video.
Start learning today at MathsGee

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